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Evidence-based benefit assessment according to § 137h SGB V

New examination and treatment methods that are essentially based on the use of “high-risk medical devices” require a separate evidence-based benefit assessment in accordance with Section 137h SGB V.

Existing scientific findings for an evaluation of the method must be submitted by the hospital to the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA) in agreement with the manufacturer as part of the NUB procedure.

However, this procedure is only used for a small number of NUB and has no influence on the status decision of the InEK, since this "only" assesses the costs or mapping in the DRG system as well as the "novelty" and not the benefit of the NUB.

We develop applications for you in accordance with § 137h SGB V, ensure competent project management and monitoring of the process and communicate with the official bodies, in particular the G-BA.

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