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Institut TakeCare GmbH has a broad and well-established network of cooperation partners.
Experts from universities, technical colleges and institutes are available as partners for special questions.

There is a fruitful cooperation with the following institutions and organizations:

EPC Healthcare GmbH



EPC is ITC's preferred partner in matters of strategic market access with the GKV  and private health insurance in Germany for medical devices, pharmaceuticals and digital products. EPC's product-specific road maps to market access with a focus on pricing and  Reimbursement can be developed and used jointly for our clients. The conception of the individual road maps is supported by the use of NAVIGATORS from EPC for the different product areas in the sense of a decision support tool. We can then implement the operational modular implementation of the strategic road map in cooperation with EPC HealthCare.

INSIGHT Health GmbH & Co KG


Clinic mirror, health services research, data analytics

Technical University of Berlin, ITM

Healthcare management,

Hospital management specialist

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