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Innovative examination and treatment methods

Section 6 (2) of the Hospital Remuneration Act enables temporary, case-related reimbursement or additional reimbursement outside of the budget to be agreed for new examination and treatment methods (NUB) that cannot be appropriately reimbursed with the case flat rates and additional fees agreed at federal level.


NUB applications can only be made by service providers. However, especially in the case of particularly new products or processes, the service providers are dependent on the cooperation of manufacturers and/or specialist societies. A successfully formulated NUB application requires detailed information on the principle of action, (contra-)indications, etc. A well-founded argument for non-coverage of the treatment costs is also essential.

A NUB request includes (procedural key points of the InEK):

  • the description of the new examination and treatment method (in particular the presentation of the novelty);

  • the description of the patients to be treated with the new method/service;

  • the additional costs caused by the new examination and treatment method (separated into personnel and material costs if possible);

  • the reason why the new method/service is not properly mapped in the current G-DRG system

We will create sample applications for you for additional reimbursement for new examination and treatment methods.

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